After School Music Clubs


    • Subsidised access to All Star Rock School sessions for your students

    • Professional musicians teaching a range of instruments

    • Group tuition with individual support for learning

    • Tuition style designed to engage all levels of musical experience

    • Builds social skills and teamwork by performing in bands

    • Develops a passion for music by encouraging creativity and exploration

By becoming a host of a regular weekly All Star Rock School you’ll be giving your students access to subsidized music tuition as part of our successful format.

We’ll bring our experienced tutors and all the equipment along, all we need from you is the space. Our tutors will take the students through an hour of group tuition on their chosen instrument (or instruments) then they all come together to perform in bands what they’ve been learning.

This is a tried and tested format, with a number of successful schools already in operation. The students love the opportunity to perform and our carefully chosen lesson plans mean even those who have never picked up an instrument can be on stage performing on their first session.

In return for your hosting our sessions, we’ll offer a discount to any of your students who wish to come along to the school.

Why not come along to a school near you and see what we do, see how our teaching approach could complement yours and hopefully we can work together to bring another All Star Rock School to fruition and give your students a club they can really get excited by.


Being part of a band teaches life skills in a fun way

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