Playing in a Band


Guitar Lessons
    • Group based band tuition with one to one support

    • Develop your musical skills and improve your interactions with other musicians on stage

    • Build confidence in performing and improve stage craft

    • Performance based learning in every session

    • Increase your knowledge about other instruments

    • Tailored teaching for each students ability level

    • More than anything else, it’s fun

Private music lessons will teach you how to play a musical instrument. You will be taught the basic techniques and you will soon start to build a catalogue of tracks to play. Maybe even working towards some formal grades. Don’t get us wrong private lessons can be great.

So, given that private lessons can be a great way to learn, why bother playing in an All Star band?

The simple answer, because they’re fantastic fun. Nothing teaches you more about playing music than performing in a band. Our group band lessons will propel your musical ability to the next level. Performing with other band members will help you improve your timing, your stage craft and your confidence. Also, performing other All Star Students week in week out will give you experiences, friendships and connections with other musicians that will last a lifetime

During our fantastic  group sessions each tutors will spend time with students helping them develop their skills and guiding them to improve their performance of the well known rock tracks on our playlist. By playing as part of the band students can share tracks as they perfect their performance, then as we rehearse for our gigs we’ll share the tracks, or pick out group jams, or solo performances to help every student keep progressing .

For those students who want to practice between sessions our tutors will recommend activities to help them progress quicker. We aim to track our teachings against formal grade qualifications so if you’re planning on formalising your learning we’ll be setting you on the right track. Most of our tutors also offer 121 lessons and grading tuition.


Ages 6-11

Group Tuition and One to One Support with time for rehearsals and live stage performances.

From £20 / 2 hr session

Ages 12-18

Group Tuition and One to One Support with time for rehearsals and live stage performances.

From £20 / 2 hr session
Private Tuition

Ages 6+

One to One tuition for Drum, Bass, Guitar or Vocal lessons. Support through formal grading.

£30 / hr session


Being part of a band teaches life skills in a fun way

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