Enrichment Programs


Working with your school and music department to develop music enrichment programs. We deliver engaging lessons, helping students to learn instruments, boosting confidence and inspire them to perform.
    • Students learn from professional musicians teaching a range of instruments

    • Students can choose to play Drums, Guitar, Bass, Vocals or Keyboard

    • We cater for all musical abilities. From absolute beginners to rock and roll stars.

    • We can provide regular sessions in school time, after school or shorter focused programs.

    • We build student confidence and skills so they can perform live in bands.

Working with your music team we’ll develop an enrichment program to bring real value and excitement to your school. Our team of experienced tutors are professional musicians and will inspire your students to pick up and instrument and play. Each school has a bespoke program designed in partnership with our team to make sure you’re meeting the objectives of your enrichment program and we’re making sure your students love working with music.
There’s no barriers with regards to participation, we’re experienced at working with students of all musical experience levels and we can cater for any additional needs some students may have. We can also manage large numbers of students through group tuition and band performance time.
Our group approach to tuition naturally develops teamwork skills and as the student develop their band identities and plan their set lists, they build both confidence and a sense of responsibility within their peer groups.
Talk to us today about how we could bring our unique approach to music tuition into your school and give your students something to get really excited by.


Being part of a band teaches life skills in a fun way

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