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guitar lessons in colchester

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Guitar Lessons in Colchester

Find the one to one tuition for guitar lessons in Colchester you’ve been searching for. We help beginner, intermediate and advanced guitar players reach their full potential, increading the enjoyment of playing and maybe, just maybe,  become the stars of the future.

In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, you’ll be able to progress quickly and gain the formal grade qualifications that will make a big difference to your future music ambitions.

Our guitar lessons for kids are some of the most modern and progressive in the UK. We want to tie your learning to your own particular passion. Whether you love funk or soul, country, rock or reggae, hip hop or the blues, your lessons are tailored to give you all the motivation you need.

Learning to play the guitar.

No.  We help students work at their own pace and ambition. Some students just want to play for fun and improve and some want to work towards formal Rock School grades. We teach at every level, from begineers through to very advance musicians.

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