Keyboard Tuition


Piano Lessons
    • Individual tuition in every session

    • Group based practice of playlist tracks to aid learning through repetition

    • Experienced tutors on hand to teach at the students pace

    • Performance based learning in every session

    • Track formal piano grading skills

    • Tailored teaching for each students ability level

  • Recommended practices for independent learning

Our experienced tutors tailor their keyboard guitar tuition to the students abilities. Focusing on core skills including finger placement, scales, rhythm and pedalling.. Moving through our programs we’ll introduce more complex tracks to continue to challenge our students but in a motivating way.

During our group sessions the tutors will spend time with each student helping them develop their skills and guiding them to improve their performance of the well known rock tracks on our playlist. By playing as part of the band students can share tracks as they perfect their performance, then as we rehearse for our gigs we’ll share the tracks and pick out solo performances to help every student keep progressing their proficiencies.

For those students who want to practice between sessions our tutors will recommend activities to help them progress quicker. We aim to track our teachings against formal grade qualifications so if you’re planning on formalising your learning we’ll be setting you on the right track. Most of our tutors also offer 121 lessons and grading tuition.


Being part of a band teaches life skills in a fun way

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