Music in the Community


    • Introduce your students to All Star Rock School with a free taster session

    • In-school live performance classes

    • Student performances at local events

    • Duke of Edinburgh subsidies

    • Donation to local community causes

    • Work experience for music students

    • SEN/SEND music lessons

Here at All Star Rock School we think it’s important to be an active part of the communities we operate in. We want to contribute to local schools, charities and community groups to bring music to the local children in ways that work in partnership with existing projects and initiatives.

As key part of our program includes offering a free first session to students who want to try out what we do, parents and schools can access this offer by contacting us. We also accept scholarship applications from schools to help children access music who might otherwise not be able to attend our sessions. If your school is involved with Duke of Edinburgh we offer subsidies for students learning an instrument as part of the award.

We keenly get involved in local activities, by performing at local events, donating to local charities collections and prize giveaways. We also receive and donate instruments to good causes or free loans to students wanting to practice more at home. Here’s some examples of the kind of work we get involved in, if you’d like to have a chat with us about any of these please get in touch.



Being part of a band teaches life skills in a fun way

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