Inspiring students through music and teamwork

Here at All Star Rock School we truly believe that the power of music, passion and camaraderie helps develop happy students. Helping your band mates and working together as a team creates a support network that students can rely on.

So, however far they want to follow their dreams, we’ll be on hand to help them every step of the way.


We help children, teens and adults really engage with music tuition by creating exciting, relevant spaces for them to learn an instrument, develop life skills and create and perform the music they love. Our talented tutors are specialists in their fields and help the students learn through practical hands-on sessions and the opportunity to put their skills into practice by performing each week as part of a band.

We organise regular live performance opportunities to help our All Stars develop their confidence and learn skills like gig promotion, production and showmanship, studio sessions for that all-important recording experience, and trips out to concerts for the sheer fun of it!

  • Practical music tuition from experienced tutors
  • Hands on experience in all aspects of the music industry
  • Public gigs and concerts to develop confidence and stage presence
  • Sessions across the country in term time and over school holidays
  • Students can try all our instruments before deciding what to specialise in
  • Lessons include practical, theory and music education
  • Progressive learning to develop confidence and music skills
  • Additional individual tuition sessions available
  • Age and ability specialists sessions
  • Rehearsal space and support for groups wanting to form independent bands